The Counter-Improvised Threat Collaboration Center (C³)

The Counter-Improvised Threat Collaboration Center (C³)

This is the premier Five-Eyes (FVEY) information and intelligence hub for improvised threat, coalescing law enforcement, intelligence, science & technology, military, and border protection communities in a whole of governments effort to combat global improvised threats. Whether your organization is tasked with protecting borders, enforcing criminal codes, understanding our adversaries and their means, or prosecuting targets, we are united in our effort to counter improvised threats. While the threats we face my be similar, C³ partner authorities and capabilities are distinct. A synergistic effort strengthens our combined ability to counter the spectrum of improvised threats, with a speed and thoroughness impossible to imagine when addressing alone.

Unrivaled Collaboration

  • FVEY partner-managed center sponsored by the FBI
  • Secure facility with an open floor plan allowing classified and unclassified discussion, and maximizing face-to-face communication
  • Established routine and working groups to support all members’ equities
  • Maintains unique authorities to share information and intelligence among assigned representatives

Extraordinary Communication Capabilities

  • Accelerated deconfliction and dissemination of information and intelligence products to the FVEY community
  • Wide spectrum of co-located IT systems, directly connected to representatives’ parent organizations
  • Secure common networks provided to all partners for seamless communication
  • Ability to rapidly prepare and disseminate information and intelligence products


The C³ provides information and intelligence sharing, and collaboration that enables partners to counter improvised threats.


The C³ is the FVEY Whole of Governments (multi-agency, multi-disciplinary) center of excellence for sharing information and intelligence, providing partners a single entity with global visibility to detect, deter, and prevent improvised threats.

C³ Improvised Threat Definition

Improvised threats are devices, systems and associated tactics, techniques and procedures employed in an unconventional manner by an adversary that affect the security and national interests of the FVEY community, our allies, and global partners.