Nevada: Associated Components Discovered in Private Residence after Foiled Bomb Plot

TRIPwire, 12 August 2019

On 8 August 2019, the FBI arrested a 23-year-old suspect for plotting to attack a Las Vegas synagogue and a bar he believed catered to LGBTQ patrons. The Las Vegas Joint Terrorism Task Force began investigating the suspect in April 2019 after learning he was regularly communicating with Atomwaffen Division, a white supremacist extremist organization that encourages attacks on the Federal Government, critical infrastructure, minorities, LGBTQ individuals, and Jews. In online chats with an undercover FBI investigator, the suspect discussed a plan to attack the synagogue and conduct preoperational surveillance of the bar. A search of the suspect’s home revealed precursor chemicals and components typically used to construct IEDs, including potassium permanganate, thermite, sulfuric acid, lithium aluminum hydride, soldering iron, wires, and circuit boards. A notebook analyzed by authorities also contained sketches of the necessary items and circuitry to function a timed explosive device.