California: Suspect Threatens Law Enforcement with PBIED Attack

TRIPwire, 13 August 2019

On 9 August 2019 at approximately 0715 hours local time, Inyo County Sheriff’s Office deputies and a Major Investigations and Narcotic Team investigator attempted to serve an arrest warrant on a 29-year-old male suspect, who barricaded himself in his travel trailer. The Inyo County Special Enforcement Detail responded, and additional units from the California Highway Patrol and Bishop Police Department arrived to assist. The suspect exited the trailer wearing body armor while holding a person-borne IED (PBIED), which he attempted to detonate near law enforcement and family members. Authorities disarmed the suspect without injury and found an additional IED and a large amount of firearm ammunition in the trailer. The Sheriff’s Office Explosive Ordnance Disposal Expert removed the IEDs from the scene and later defused them.