Florida: BMM, Weapons Discovered in Private Residence

TRIPwire, 4 October 2019

On 3 October 2019 at approximately 1700 hours local time, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) responded to the home of a 27-year-old woman after her parents reported finding suspected IEDs, weapons, and bomb-making materials (BMM) inside their residence. According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff, the suspect was later arrested and confessed to preparing to make IEDs, described as pipe bombs, with the intent to hurt people but made no mention of a specific target. The HCSO Bomb Squad was dispatched to the scene and conducted render safe procedures on the BMM without incident. The pipes were described as containing nails and metallic pellets. Authorities also found smokeless powder and fuses that had not been added to the pipes at the time of the arrest, 2 BB-type rifles, 6 BB-type handguns, 23 knives, 2 hatchets, nunchucks, bows and arrows, manifestos from previous mass shootings and domestic terrorist attacks, and bomb-making paraphernalia. The suspect was charged with 24 counts of making a destructive device with the intent to do bodily harm or property damage. The investigation is ongoing with assistance from the FBI and ATF.