France: IEDs, Radioactive Material Found in Residence

TRIPwire, 9 September 2021

On 26 August 2021, local authorities responded to a residence in Rouffach after a receiving a call from a Colmar apprenticeship training center claiming that a 26-year-old student had boasted that he had manufactured IEDs and planned to use them against public buildings. During a search of the suspect’s parents’ residence, authorities discovered four IEDs, three of which were viable; uranium oxide powder; and an undisclosed radioactive mineral radiating at 2,500 becquerels. A subsequent search of the suspect’s studio apartment, also located in Rouffach, found Nazi memorabilia and a complete Ku Klux Klan outfit. During an interview, the suspect claimed he had bought many of the explosive components online and had learned how to manufacture the explosives using tutorials. The suspect also admitted to making two of the IEDs but claimed that he wanted to function them in field or neutral place to celebrate the new year. According to authorities, the suspect, who suffers from psychiatric disorders, has been taken into custody. The investigation is ongoing.