Tennessee: IED, BMM Discovered in Vehicle at Traffic Stop, 1 Arrested

TRIPwire, 12 January 2022

On 11 January 2022, a Dekalb County Sheriff’s Department (DCSD) deputy arrested a 40-year-old man for an outstanding warrant in Warren County following a routine traffic stop on Highway 70 and discovered an IED and bomb-making material (BMM) in the suspect’s vehicle. No further details about the device or BMM have been released. DCSD also found a shotgun, a revolver, drug paraphernalia, over 300 rounds of ammunition, and $3,786 in cash, and the suspect had a handgun on his person. The suspect was sought by the Warren County Sheriff’s Department for evading arrest; reckless endangerment; the manufacture, sale, or delivery of marijuana; unlawful possession of a weapon; and possession of drug paraphernalia in September 2021.