Pakistan: RCIED Concealed on Motorcycle Used to Target Convoy

TRIPwire, 13 May 2022

On 12 May 2022, at approximately 2300 hours local time, Revolutionary Army of Sindhudesh (SRA) militants functioned a radio-controlled IED (RCIED) concealed on a motorcycle in the Saddar neighborhood in Karachi as a Pakistani maritime security forces’ convoy was passing, killing 1 person and injuring 13 others, including 2 officers. A preliminary investigation by Karachi Police and the Bomb Disposal Squad determined that the RCIED had been manufactured using 2 kg [~4.4 lb] of explosives and 0.5 kg [~1.1 lb] of ball bearings for fragmentation. The SRA claimed responsibility for the attack, and on 13 May, authorities arrested five suspects in connection to the incident.