Iowa: Pipe Bomb Functioned on Boat, BMM Found in Vehicle

TRIPwire, 23 June 2022

On 22 June 2022, at approximately 0757 hours local time, Davenport Police Department (DPD) responded to Spring Street after a 46-year-old male functioned a pipe bomb on a boat. The explosion damaged the boat, but no injuries were reported. A subsequent search of the suspect’s vehicle parked at his home on 12th Street uncovered bomb-making material (BMM), described as containers of black powder and fuse material, as well as multiple cellphone videos which showed four pipe bombs similar to the device detonated in the boat. The Quad-City Bomb Squad, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, FBI, and ATF responded to the suspect’s home to assist. The suspect was charged with second-degree arson and possession of explosive or incendiary materials or devices.