Brazil: Grenades Used to Attack Three Banks

Submitted by Mahtab7 on Fri, 09/30/2022 - 14:50

TRIPwire, 30 September 2022

On 30 September 2022, at approximately 0130 hours local time, local police responded to Santa Leopoldina after three banks were targeted with grenades and gunfire by at least eight suspects. An undetonated grenade was found and removed from the scene for a controlled detonation by a military bomb squad. The entrance of the three banks and surrounding commercial businesses were damaged by the blasts, but no injuries were reported. Authorities are unsure how much money was stolen from the banks. The suspects also punctured the tires of police cars, blocked an entrance road with a tree, and blocked another road by holding a truck driver hostage before the bank attacks. The investigation is ongoing.