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Florida: IID Discovered in Residence, 1 Arrested

Submitted by Mahtab7 on Tue, 10/11/2022 - 14:05

TRIPwire, 11 October 2022

On 8 October 2022, Pasco County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) deputies responded to a residence in Odessa, after receiving a call from a 19-year-old revealing his intention to light a juvenile’s house on fire using an improvised incendiary device (IID), described as a Molotov cocktail. The suspect “wanted revenge” after he was bullied during an Xbox Live party chat. According to PCSO, the device had a distinct odor of gasoline coming from it, with a cloth rag, and what appeared to be a makeshift paper wick. The suspect was arrested, and the investigation is ongoing.