Florida: Pipe Bomb Functioned in Backyard, BMM Discovered Inside Residence

Submitted by Mahtab7 on Thu, 11/10/2022 - 16:11
TRIPwire, 10 November 2022 On 9 November 2022, media reporting indicated that on 2 July 2022, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBCSO) deputies and bomb squad technicians responded to a residence in Royal Palm Beach after a 32-year-old suspect functioned a pipe bomb in his backyard, causing significant injury to his left hand, including the partial loss of a finger. According to authorities, the suspect constructed the device from PVC pipe and pyrotechnic powders. Bomb squad technicians also discovered fragmentation from the functioned pipe bomb in the backyard. In a subsequent search of the suspect’s home, bomb squad technicians discovered bomb-making material (BMM) in the garage, described as pyrotechnic flash powder, pyrotechnic powders, pyrotechnic fuse, PVC pipe, and consumer pyrotechnics. On 28 October 2022, the suspect was charged with manufacturing a destructive device.