Prepare for Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an enhanced Government security requirement that will help protect your account and identify on the TRIPwire system.

Two-factor authentication will prevent someone from accessing your TRIPwire account even if they gained access to your password.

Signing into your TRIPwire account will work a little differently once two-factor authentication is enabled.

You will be required to setup an authentication application on either a compatible mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows) or desktop web browser (Edge, Firefox, or Chrome).

Once your authentication application is configured, you will be prompted to enter a verification code after you successfully enter your TRIPwire username and password.

Please take this time to learn more about the two-factor authentication that is best for you by checking out the following resources:

The two-factor authentication is simple to setup and easy to use with many mobile phone and browser options to provide you with flexibility of use.