Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Explosive Effects Mitigation (AWR-337)

Submitted by alexwong on Thu, 04/18/2019 - 14:27

Description: The Improved Explosive Device (IED) Explosive Effects and Mitigation course introduces the effects of an explosive detonation. It details the difference between blast, thermal/incendiary, and fragmentation effects, and describes the consequences on various targets. In addition, participants will learn about security measures and best practices that can help prevent or mitigate explosive effects.
Course Length: This is a 60-minute training covering the following topics:

  • Blast, fragmentation and thermal effects
  • Blast wave components resulting from a detonation
  • Destructive consequences on structures/personnel
  • Protective measures that mitigate explosives effects

Audience: This course is designed for groups up to 50 participants and is intended for audiences such as:

  • Critical infrastructure owners and operators
  • Public safety officers - Emergency managers
  • Security officers
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Private sector security professionals

Accreditation: 0.1 CEU towards IACET and 1 CEU towards POST if the student's state approves.
Recommended Prerequisites: None.
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Blast Analysis
Thermal/Incendiary Analysis
Fragmentation effects