Homemade Explosives (HME) and Precursor Awareness (AWR-338)

Submitted by alexwong on Thu, 04/18/2019 - 14:31

Description: The Homemade Explosives (HME) and Precursor Awareness course provides foundational knowledge on HME and common precursor materials. participants will define HME and learn to identify common precursor chemicals and materials used to make HME. In addition, participants will learn how HME is used in an attack.
Course Length: This is a 60-minute training covering the following topics:

  • Characteristics of common HME
  • Precursor materials and equipment associated with HME production
  • Perpetrator use of HME in an attack

Audience: This course is designed for groups up to 50 participants and is intended for audiences such as:

  • Critical infrastructure owners and operators
  • Public safety officers
  • Emergency managers
  • Security officers
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Private sector security professionals

Accreditation: 0.1 CEU contact hour towards IACET and 1 CEU towards POST if the student's state approves.
Recommended Prerequisites: None.
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Identify common precursor chemicals
Define HME
Identify materials used to make HME