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Bomb Threat Management (BTM) Planning (MGT-451)

Submitted by alexwong on Fri, 04/19/2019 - 11:15

Description: The BTM Planning course provides participants foundational knowledge on the DHS risk management process and bomb threat management planning. It gives participants opportunity to apply this knowledge to develop a bomb threat management plan.
Course Length: This is a one-day training covering the following topics:

         - DHS risk management process

         - BTM plan roles and responsibilities 

         - BTM plan components and development

         - Capstone activity: drafting a BTM plan
Audience: This course is designed for groups up to 25 participants and is intended for audiences such as:

- Critical infrastructure owners and operators

- Public safety officers

- Emergency managers

- Security officers

- Law enforcement officials

- Private sector security professionals

Accreditation: 0.7 CEUs towards IACET and 7 CEUs towards POST if the student's state approves.
Recommended PrerequisitesNone.

Download a printer-friendly fact sheet for the BTM Planning (MGT-451). 

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Risk Management Process
Bomb Threat Management
Foundational Knowledge