Training Video Series (TVS)

The "What to Do" TVS communicates improvised explosive device (IED) threats, explains counter-IED concepts, and demonstrates bombing prevention procedures by showing the audiences how to react to a bombing attack and deal with a variety of explosive threats such as bomb threats and suspicious items. Sometimes referred to as "how-to" videos, these training videos are designed to improve individual skills to identify indicators of an IED attack, threat conditions, and mitigation measures. Download a printer-friendly fact sheet for "What to Do" TVS.

The "Be Vigilant" TVS guides you through three separate, but related, incidents of suspicious activity that could lead to a bombing event. It reinforces the fact that several different people in numerous scenarios have opportunities to spot these indicators and make proper notifications. The videos reinforce the fact that bombs can be made from everyday items, and that retail employees and store managers are the first line of defense in spotting and reporting suspicious purchases, activities and behaviors. The "Be Vigilant" TVS powerfully shows every American that if you See Something, Say Something. You may stop a horrific event and save the lives of potential innocent victims.